Welcome blog readers! The aim of the KockaAutó Blog is to share detailed information about the construction of a big-sized Lego technic car. There is an academic self-study group in my secondary grammar school where teachers, scientists and even Nobel-prize winners have given presentations. I also want to do that.

I really like making Lego vehicles such as motorbikes, airplanes and spaceships. My first own creation was a truck in 2011. After that, I started dealing with Lego technic seeing the possibilities in it.

I came up with the idea of this project a year ago. The problem was that I did not have enough Lego elements and money. That is why I needed to find some sponsors in which one of my teachers helped me. So I made contact with SBrick company which sent me a bluetooth controller called SBrick, which is a Hungarian invention. Moreover, I have been looking for 42000 grand prix racer Lego set, xl motor and servo motor for a long time. Finally, I got them so I could start to design my dream car.

The plan:

  • The car I want to construct is a Bac Mono

  • The scale is going to be 1/6.5 (60.5 centimeter length / 74 studs, 28 centimeter width / 35 studs, 17 centimeter height / 22 studs and 39 centimeter wheelbase / 49 studs). I made a model for this to demonstrate how big the car will be (comparing to my helmet which you can see in the picture).

  • The car is going to have rear wheel drive with xl motor and two-speed gearbox.
  • The chassis is going to be similar to Mono.
  • There is going to be a self-lifting mechanism just like in real-life race cars during tire changing.
  • Rear retractile and adjustable spoiler (manual).
  • Led front lights (manual).
  • The suspension is going to be very special: a pull rod system which is sometimes applied in the reality. I have never seen this in MOC so perhaps I will be the first person who made it. It is also going to have an advanced suspension geometry: caster angel, kingpin inclination, camber angel, anti-roll bar and ackermann steering.
  • It is going to be controlled by SBrick.

It will be a long and exhausting work but I am very enthusiastic.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. The next writing is coming shortly.

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